Our Story

Specialists in manufacturing, bottling, labeling, assembly and packaging EGS EUROCAM has extensive experience in designing, operating and maintaining assembly lines customized to meet the individual needs of the client.

A skilled management team, a minimal corporate overhead and employees dedicated to quality enables EGS EUROCAM to achieve maximum productivity, a high level of quality thereby reducing costs and enabling reliable and timely deliverables.

We have a variety of manual, semi-automated or automated that we adapt quickly to the project you entrust to us.

Hard mechanism of packing ready beauty cream into red container. A factory worker dressed in white lab gown and gloves holding red container under tap pouring ready cream. Production process of cream

Our Mission

Our mission is to offert our customers complete and innovative  packaging solutions that will outclass the requirements.

Work closely with our clients to optimize quality and reduce costs to achieve a sustainable and prosperous partnership.

Our Vision

Our vision is to involve our employees with our philosophy of continuous improvement that will enable us to achieve levels of quality, productivity and creativity sufficiently high to provide efficient products and services.